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Ingredients of a Kimono

Ingredients of a kimono [link]


Juban and dressing up: [link]

Zori/geta/okobo and tabi

Tabi tutorial: [link]
[link] to make your own okobo
[link] to make your own geta.


Make-up tutorials:
[link] [link]

The wigcap and wig

Wig cap tutorial (in Spanish?) [link]

Putting on the wig: [link] [link] for the wet-hair method.

Design your wig/hair: [link] Unfortunately, itís the only tutorial provided. Darn.

Finished home-made katsura: [link]

La kimono!

How to dress yourself: [link]

Obi and extraís

Colour matching: [link]

Fan: [link]

Ingredients of a kimono: [link]

Maiko [link]
Geiko/formal/informal: [link]


Folding: [link]

Assembling: [link]

taking care for your kimono and your body

Kimono-folding tutorial: [link]

References and thanks to the following Deviants for their tutorials:

And the following websites:
Immortal geisha: [link]
Catwalk fashion: applying geisha make-up [link]
Make-up lovetoknow: [link] [link]

(I've disabled the comments and sharing option, because I don't want you to say thanks here. I want you to say thanks to the original owners of the tutorials. I've merely scraped this together and placed it in one document. Perhaps in time, I do allow comments/adding, but for now, I do not.)

If one of the original owners of the tutorials feels copyright infrignment is in order, please contact me through note and I will remove the information ASAP.
to worried Deviants: I've informed the owners already
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